Catch Nets

Falling material on constructions sites is unfortunately a hazard that has been in the industry for many years and can cause serious injury or death to onsite workers or to the general public. For that reason Workright has designed and developed a Catch Net System that meets the needs that builders that provide a much level of safety through the various construction stages.

Catch Nets could be the solution for your next project which can give you peace of mind in protecting your work force on site or the general public and allow you al-ternative safety solution.

Why Choose Our Nets?

What makes this system so unique is the ability to retract nets within seconds, in or out without having to dismantle structural elements of the system. This key feature gives you the flexibility to carry out various constructions tasks without the disman-tle and reinstalling costs of other systems.

Our unique netting systems has 2 layers which offers strength and captures items as small as 5mm in size.

Our Catch Nets will cantilever up to 4.5m without the need of additional braces to the floor above or below when attached to the ExPanda fence. Therefore can be installed on podiums and rooftops to provide protection to the work force on site or in the public domain.

Our system has made installation safe, simple and does not put workers at risk when installing as all works are carried out behind Workright ExPanda fence at all times.

The system has undergone testing which has been conducted in accordance with BS EN 1263-1 2004 ‘Temporary Work Equipment – Safety Nets’.

This test required a weight of 100kg dropped from a height of 6m.

Workright’s tradition of just not meeting the code, but exceeding it drove us to car-ry out a drop test of 100kg at a height of 10m nearly twice the height requirement to give our customers a level of comfort with the strength and reliability of our system.

Please take the time to witness actual drop test footage video below.


  • Self supporting trusses
  • No back bracing required
  • 2 x layers of netting
  • Captures small items
  • Tested to take loads up to 100kg
  • Can follow any building floor plan
  • No tower crane required for installation
  • Retractable Net System
  • No risk to workers on installation
  • Easily adaptable under form work hois
  • Adapts to Expanda Fence System