Workright Systems


I would like to personal thank Andrew Panda for greatly reducing the risk associated with perimeter edge works on the Triniti Project in North Ryde.

The Workright Edge Protection System (EXPANDA fence) has revolutionise how facades and perimeter works are executed. The fencing system has eliminated the need of having to wear a harness for facade contractors and allowed safe unrestricted access to the building perimeter edge for numerous other trades which have all embraced the system. Your system has been praised by;

  • formworkers who can now strip to the perimeter edge safely services contractor scan now work to the edge within a scissor at height prior to facade being installed.
  • its flexibility in design allowed BHPL to relocate loading platform with greater ease.
  • its ability to be installed prior to screen movements is a great advantage for BHPL.
  • its certified harness points have been used by water proofing contractors.
  • its durability eliminated the need for Baulderston Hornibrook having to constantly monitor high risk perimeter fencing installations

Once again, I thank you for your time for providing demonstration to the genera site and providing the system on the Triniti Project for Baulderstone Hornibrook as it has greatly reduced the high risk associated with perimeter works. Your fencing system has been demonstrated to all Baulderstone Projects with discussions of it becoming standard in all future projects. I wish you and your company all the best of luck.

Baulderstone Hornibrook

I am writing to thank you for significantly reducing risks associated with working at heights on the CBA Project at Homebush.

Your WorkRight Edge Protection System (EXPANDA fence) eliminated fall risks and the need to use safety harnesses, not only for facade installation but for other trades such as formwork stripping, structural steel, loading platform and man/materials hoist installation. By eliminating dependence on human behaviour to hook onto a lifeline and ensuring a fence in place at all times during these works, you made the CBA Project a safer place to work.

Again I thank you for introducing the EXPANDA fence on the CBA Project and wish you the best of luck in your negotiations with BLL that will ensure the WorkRight Edge Protection System is used on all our future projects.

Bovis Lend Lease