Workright Systems

What We Do

We are the world’s first Edge Protection hire company that provides businesses on construction sites with the ability to work on the edge of a building harness free. The business plans to revolutionise temporary fencing in the construction industry with its patented world first safety fence design.

WorkRight is the next generation edge protection system, which will provide a safer environment for all construction workers working at heights. Our objective was to eliminate the use of harnesses on construction sites for all trades working on the edge of the building. This initiative will provide significant safety control and increase workers confidence in completing tasks without the risk of falling.

Director Andrew Panda and Roland Blundell have spent their life around construction – fascinated with every detail involved with seeing a building come to life. There was one aspect however that bothered them; the dangers of working on high-rise buildings.

The idea was for construction companies and their workers to feel safe working on the edge without the need for harnesses. Having spent decades at building sites, they knew there was nothing on the market that even came close to their idea, and he knew it had to be failsafe.