Workright Systems

Who We Are

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and this certainly is the case with WorkRight Edge Protection Systems. Director Andrew Panda and Roland Blundell have spent their life around construction – fascinated with every detail involved with seeing a building come to life. There was one aspect however that bothered them; the dangers of working on high-rise buildings.

The idea was for construction companies and their workers to feel safe working on the edge without the need for harnesses. Having spent decades at building sites, they knew there was nothing on the market that even came close to their idea, and they knew it had to be failsafe.

What came next was an exhaustive 18 month process of research and rigorous testing. Applying their experience and technical knowledge, the end result was nothing short of an industry changer.

Today, WorkRight Edge Protection Systems has become ingrained in the culture of the Australian construction industry. The system is used by some of the biggest companies in Australia including: Lend Lease, Multiplex and Mirvac just to name a few and has set the industry standard for all multilevel building sites.

So, what does the future hold for WorkRight Edge Protection Systems? More ideas are currently in the process of development, additional products to expand the system to create a complete range to complement every construction site and to suit every trade. Working on the edge has never been so exciting.