Workright Products

Catch Nets

Workright has designed and developed a Catch Net System that meets the needs that builders that provide a much level of safety through the various construction stages

Mono Rails

Mono Rails needles adapt onto stirrups to carry mono rails that may be required on projects from time to time. The patent design allows the installation to be carried out with no access equipment required and can be erected up in half the time of conventional monorail systems.

Rubber Flaps

Rubber flaps have been designed to attach to kickboards. This allows recess on slab edges for facade brackets to be covered over to stop small materials falling. The rubber flap has been extruded to allow it to be rolled up and hooked onto the top grove of the kickboard allowing bracket installation for facade to be carried out behind ExPanda Fence.


Commonly known as fence posts, this patent design gives significant strength to conventional posts and has in built features that allow the following to be attached;
• Lead stands • Light stands • Plant equipment bumper stops • Harness points • Mono rail needles • Extension poles for full containment to be carried out behind ExPanda Fence.

Fence Panels

Fence panels patent design gives you the flexibility to expand and contract, allowing you to follow any construction building footprint. Fence panels can expand up to 3.5m between posts reducing the amount of posts typically required to install reducing installation times.

Full Height Screen

Full height screens can be easily attached to posts to provide full height containment in those high risk areas. Height can range from 2m up to 3.7m high. One person can erect screens without the use of access equipment (eg. ladders, scaffold, scissor lifts).

Mesh Guards

Mesh guards can be fitted to ExPanda Fence to give extra containment if required. The mesh guards come in various sizes to accommodate all construction building foot prints.

Plant Equipment Stoppers

Workright has identified hazards with plant equipment working on floor slabs. Workright has designed a plant equipment stopper which adapts onto the fence which does not require anchoring to slab, making it quick and easier to install. This is crucial in the event of a malfunction of plant equipment in drive mode.


Kickboards patent design is constructed from aluminium for high strength and durability for site conditions. The height of the kickboards is 250mm giving a high level of containment at the edge of the building. Extruded groves on kickboards allow the adaptation of rubber flaps which may be required to close of recess pockets in slab.


Hinges have been designed to attach to ExPanda Fence which allows gates to be created anywhere along ExPanda Fence. This is generally used where builder’s loading platforms are installed making it quicker and safer to install and remove platforms without compromising the structural integrity of the ExPanda Handrail System.

Lead Stands

Lead Stands hook onto key hole slots on stirrups to allow workers to carry out tasks safer. They can be easily removed and reattached to any stirrup around the floor template making it user friendly for all markers to hang leads off the ground.


Posts are utilised in those areas on sites where floor space is restricted e.g. small balconies and plant room areas where building maintenance unit tracks are fitted. Posts are constructed with heavy duty base plates making them stronger than conventional posts used on building sites.


Stillages are carriers for the ExPanda Fence products. The design of the stillages allows safe transportation to and from sites and has been engineered for lifting with site cranes if required. Working load limit tags are fitted to all stillages for clear weight limit identification.